Paul’s Dirty Enduro

Pauls EnduroThis post, once again, is in the wrong order compared to the one below, but I am doing some catch up on the events of the last four weekends.

Last weekend (the Thanksgiving weekend) Rob, Tim and Tecla went climbing in Kentucky. I stayed home, tired and burnt out from a hectic couple of weeks at work, and I had the bit between my teeth about redecorating our bedroom. It has been a gloomy blue since I moved in and I wanted to brighten it up. It looks amazing now and it was nice to have some quiet time at home. Thank you to the friends who made sure I didn’t feel lonely on the long weekend.

The weekend before we were at Paul’s Dirty Enduro. A 100km mountain bike endurance race in the hilly Ganaraska forest in aid of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and in honour of Paul Rush, a well loved and well known mountain biker who took his own life after battling with depression.

Tecla talked me into it, and I was a bit nervous after realizing that last year only 6 of the 15 women who entered, actually finished. This year there were even fewer female riders (8). We did our own race, ate and drank properly and finished with good times (I did 7 hours 50mins, Rob did just over 7hrs, Tecla 8 hours 40 mins and Tim 8 hours 30 mins). The trails were beautiful and fun, although there was a huge amount of climbing which got the better of a lot of people.

The picture above, though not the most flattering, is of me with my third place trophy. Thank you to Matt for a really fun first half of the race – can’t wait for next year.

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