Petal the Puppy

Petal.JPGAnyone who knows me will know that for some time I have wanted a dog. Unfortunately, our life style in Burlington, as well as Rob’s allergies, mean that this would not be a good move for us at this time. However, here in Africa, it seems my wish has come true!

Whilst I was on leave one of the dogs who lives on the rig gave birth to six cute little puppies and my back 2 back, Sharon, along with one of the guys from our Well Services contract company, Halliburton, agreed to take one of the puppies. In fact they have been looking after all six plus the mother whilst a rig move takes place, but today they will be returned to the rig and our little one will stay in her new home.

Sharon and I decided to call her something girly, as we don’t get the chance to be girly in this, otherwise, all-male environment (where men are men and they like it that way, etc, etc). So meet Petal!! She is adorable, fun, healthy and also, at the moment, a bit is bath time this evening.. 

2 thoughts on “Petal the Puppy”

  1. You’re wish has been fulfilled, we’re so pleased for you – but as you say, a long way to go, but whatever it takes!! Petal – what a lovely name for a sweet little doggy – however, those paws look a bit big love????

    Lots of love

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