Proportional Representation and Hemp Beer

Rob & JulietteLast night Rob and I went for dinner at a friends house and then onto a “gig” (is that an outdated word, now like saying “cat” when you mean “dude”?), at a bar in Hamilton to raise awareness for the referendum happening in Canada in October on proportional representation. One of our friends, Phil, was playing, along with a couple of other guitar playing/singer types. Phil’s acoustic rendition of Radiohead’s High and Dry was amazing. Sadly I didn’t recognize any of the other music he played, I think I am becoming an old fogey.

This morning, despite making a serious dent in the bar’s supply of “Buzz” beer (it has hemp in it apparently, but it didn’t make me anymore paranoid than usual, or anymore hungry) we
got up bright and early and went all the way to Dunnville to practice canoing on the Grand River with Kevin and Tim, the other two members of our Adventure Racing team, Team Wunderlust.

After a substantial paddle we dropped in to see Kevin’s parents and their magnificent house. Aside from the incredible rustic beauty of their lakeside home (they have an enormous bay window that stretches the full width of the house at the back that looks directly out onto Lake Erie), they have the best taste in art and decor I have ever seen in my life. Kevin’s father collects paintings. They have an original Picasso in their bathroom…..their lounge wall is absolutely covered in Group of Seven originals, and their landing has an Escher next to the window. We are talking SERIOUS art. Tastefully and appropriately displayed and a real pleasure to just be around. Oh, and by the way, did I mention they are great hosts too? Welcoming, friendly, hospitable and interested. We had an awesome afternoon.

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