Rain and Riding

So, I still haven’t found the pictures that spurred me to write my first blog post in two years (HINT: Whip It), but I thought our ride home this evening was somewhat  newsworthy.

I recently moved to our spanking new business campus in Burlington. There are many advantages to being in the new building (formally known as the Ron Joyce Centre).   RJCApart from the fact it is LEED Gold certified, has huge amounts of natural light, gorgeous furniture and represents an important development in raising DeGroote’s profile as a North American business school of choice, the other great thing about it is that it’s 5 minutes away from where Rob works and so we get to commute together. A huge bonus, given that during term time we don’t see each other for two days straight during the week because I am going to night classes.

Rob repairing bike Aug 2010

Today was the first day we rode in together on our bikes. It was a beautiful morning, without the humidity we’ve suffered recently and I made it in less time than it used to take me to ride in to Hamilton. I found out the shower at the new building isn’t running hot water yet and the lock on the door wasn’t installed, but these are all minor wrinkles in an otherwise pleasant start to the day. I sang loudly and showered quickly.

Lift Bridge Aug 2010

The way home was a different story. The heavens OPENED and out came lots of rain. My bike got a flat tire and then the lift bridge went up for a ship and a sail boat.This isn’t that fascinating, but it certainly gives me a good excuse to post two cute pictures of my husband in his riding gear….  The one above is of him mending my tire under the lift bridge as the rain causes little rivers to flow past us on the concrete floor, and the one to the right is of him on the lift bridge waiting for the boat to pass beneath.

I ended the evening pulling out weeds from the garden and helping to clean up our neighbourhood by relieving it of a stack of red bricks from the abandoned house behind us so that I could make a border round a flower bed in our back garden.

Cider Now enjoying a Rekorderlig cider (why does everything that comes from Sweden sound like a piece of Ikea furniture?) that Mari and Dave kindly left behind after having dinner with us last night. Yum.

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