Reluctant Witness

It’s Saturday again in Rabi, yeah! BBQ night and it marks the beginning of my last metric week. Except, well, it might not…There is threat of a General Strike in Gabon. Apparently the country is fed up with the government’s idea of what the minimum wage should be. I would be too if I was trying to survive on $60 CAD per month whilst the President is so rich that he could buy England and still have enough left over for a couple of islands in the Caribbean..

Citizens in many, now-great-once-developing nations have striked for the same reasons and I know I would be witnessing an important part of Gabonese history if I am here when it all kicks off. However..I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the opportunity, but the strike is rumoured to be a-go-go on September 4th and I am supposed to be flying out on September 5th. If the whole country (or at least the less well paid citizens) go on strike then very little will get done, and I doubt my chances of getting out of here as planned. Bugger. That is not to mention the fact that we won’t get fresh food delivered to Rabi, plus there is a possibility that our catering staff will go out in support.

Looking on the bright side, I have always wondered what it would be like to be a professional chef AND how well I would survive if I got stranded in the jungle. Perhaps this will will give me the opportunity to do both at the same time…

On a brighter note it is my seventh day of not drinking and, without a doubt, it has all been plain sailing so far. Yesterday I read something interesting about booze inhibiting the body’s ability to regulate estrogen levels. Given that I have had problems related to this in the past, maybe there will be other benefits (in addition to not waking up with a pounding headache) to be gained from this experience.. 


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