Roo (or is that Satchel?) is here!

Very different from Daisy (he is a little bit of a scaredy cat) and as good as gold (so far).

After a day that began at 5am, leaving the chalet to fly to Greensboro via Buffalo and Philly, the puppy (who may be called Roo and may be called Satchel) and I arrived home in Hamilton at about 7pm last night.

Although the travel sounds brutal, I had a really good day, chatting up a storm with a couple of really nice women that I met – one on the way to Calgary from Buffalo, and the other on the way back from Philly to Buffalo who shared the same taste in British comedies as I did (we spent the trip quoting ‘Little Britain’ characters and lines from ‘Are you being served?’). Melissa, the breeder, is lovely – she spent quite a lot of time with us at the airport making sure everything about the return trip would go smoothly. She had already given the puppy a temporary name, Satchel Page. Apparently this Satchel was a black baseball player and because my puppy’s mum was called Page, she liked the play on words. Satchel, although Melissa wouldn’t have known this, is also the name of the dog in the cartoon ‘Get Fuzzy’ . From what I can tell so far, Satchel’s personality isn’t that different to our little one’s – so the name may stick.

I can’t really say the trip for Satchel/Roo was much fun, he was evidently not terribly impressed by airports, planes or being handed over to some complete stranger who spoke with a funny accent and did not smell like home.

We had a quiet night together and I have figured out that he is almost perfectly house trained already, does not like stairs or screen doors, loves food and sleeping, and is pretty sure I am OK, but not 100%, as yet. I think that’s pretty good progress and that once he settles he should be fine. He’ll meet his new sister today who was staying at Dave and Mari’s this weekend. It remains to be seen whether she scares the crap out of him or relaxes him a little bit…..

Rob returns today from Vermont with the one working camera we currently own, and so I have included a shot that I took this morning with my Blackberry.

3 thoughts on “Roo (or is that Satchel?) is here!”

  1. Great to see your blog again! As I mentioned, I really enjoy reading both of your blogs and update Terry – who checks in once in a while. Nice to talk to you at the wedding and meet Lori’s John and see the kids. I know all our grandchildren enjoyed playing together (and dancing). Roo is so very cute and I’m sure Daisy will be happy to have a buddy.
    Love, Lynne

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