Setting the Record Straight

Right. One or two people in Rabi (I had no idea anyone here was actually reading my blog) have commented about the post I did in June called ‘Weblog’. It is about the fact that I am trying to avoid getting angry about things in life and how I was worried about my own job effectiveness when I first arrived here because I didn’t get mad very often. I made a comment that the lady whom I job share with has a self-styled nickname, ‘BFH’.

All this is true. However, what is not true, is that I think the way she does things is not as good as the way I do them because our approaches are different. She is very good at her job, and uses her rare talent for scaring the crap out of people to great effect. But she also has a heart of gold and is well respected for both. It just isn’t my way of doing things. I am different – get it?

The post wasn’t intended to cause offence to someone I consider a friend. And before you say anything ‘Mr Blobby’, I am not writing this to avoid having my head kicked in either…so there.

2 thoughts on “Setting the Record Straight”

  1. Sounds as if the alcohol levels are settling down nicely Juliette, reality is slowly coming back into focus is it? 😉 How long did you say you were abstaining?

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