Some Really Sad News

Although I know tragedy happens all over the world every second of every day, when it strikes close to home it is always more compelling. This morning we got some news that just left us shaking our heads in disbelief. We heard today that the young, beautiful, bright and delightful daughter of one of our friends from Collingwood took her own life on Friday, just nineteen days before her 20th birthday.

Even though she is not someone I knew well, I have seen her grow up over the six years I have been in Canada and often thought, given her personality, charm and looks, that she would be someone to watch. Our hearts go out to the family she has left behind. It is hard to make sense of something so sad and so unexpected.

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  1. Hi Julliette …… Was passing the time,, as you do, thought i would drop in and see how your doing ??? are you well ??
    things are same same here in Rabi hahaha ,,,,,,,,,,,news about me ,,, ive been off the ciggies since 1st january , feel much better now and been off the drink for nearly six weeks now, major problem with my pancreas , so abstinance is the only cure, not sure if im off the drink for life yet or just till my pancreas repairs itself lol fittness instructor ??????????? whats all that about lol what happened to your other job ??? anyeway look forward to hearing from you,
    and if your still wondering NO IM NOT lol
    Max x

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