Something I said I’d never do!

remote tvThe leaves are turning red, the temperature (with the exception of a 30 celcius Monday last week) is dropping and there is a nip in the air in the mornings. I didn’t realize I was such a slave to the seasons (as if it isn’t enough to be governed by ones hormones), but it seems as though every year at this time I get the same urges:

  • I get nostalgic about living in the UK (the weather reminds me of England and Xmas is close which makes me start to think about being with my parents).
  • I get an overwhelming desire to stay in doors and make soup
  • I start making plans to redecorate at least one room in the house

Rob calls it “nesting” and isn’t always terribly enthusiastic about the change in pace.

However, yesterday we did something that I think will make nesting with me seem a bit less of a drag…..

We bought a 46″ flat screen TV…with surround sound…and a DVD player.

It kicks ass.

I haven’t watched TV since staying with my parents in the UK last December and haven’t even thought about it at all since then. We do watch a lot of movies though, usually on Rob’s laptop.

After seeing how amazing movies look on a large screen at Debs and Carl’s last week, I was hooked. Admittedly, we don’t have the amazing stereo set up that they have or a High Def DVD player (are you impressed with my newly acquired understanding of technology?), but it is a step I thought I would never take and one that I suspect will change me forever….

I have already figured out how to turn it on, AND I know how to get to The Food Network, OLN and Discovery. I may never leave the house again…

One thought on “Something I said I’d never do!”

  1. Oh dear Juliette, you’re on the slippery slidy slope now, there’s absolutely no going back!!!!! Welcome to the world of the big TV screen. Like you I fought like hell for long enough, but now we have one it’s quite fun, but unlike you I have still to master all the controls that seem to go with the TV, DVD, amplifier, etc. etc.!! I think Dad introduces all these new fangled things knowing damn well I will give up and just let him take charge of the controllers!! I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!

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