Sort of like Coronation Street

So this morning I have a slight adjustment of perspective and I have stopped whining about the possibility of a Gabonese General strike. I started the day early reading a couple of my favourite blogs.

One I haven’t mentioned before is It’s written by a woman called Heather who has been blogging since 2001, taking you through being fired because of what she said on her blog about people she worked with (yikes), getting married, having her first child, being treated for depression and moving back to her home state Utah where she was brought up a Mormon (she definitely isn’t one now).

It’s funny, poignant and she gets amazing hate mail. One of my particular favourites is from 2002 called ‘How to Really Hate Your Job’. Written just before she got fired, she describes rocking up to work 2 hours late in the clothes she wore the night before and shouting ‘smack my bitch up you motherf**ker’ at her boss before spending the entire day seeing how many times she can load some game onto her computer before it conks out.

I think I read for the same reasons some people watch Corrie (Coronation Street). However pissed off, screwed up, or generally ill at ease I am, Heather is worse, but hell of a lot funnier.

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