Spring Gremlins

Apparently tomorrow is the first day of Spring. I think my electrical equipment thought it was today and that was an excuse to go bezerk for no other apparant reason. When I came down to my office this morning, it was like a scene from the bloopers reel of the movie Toy Story.

My GPS was happily switching itself on and off every ten seconds in it’s recharge cradle, making an endearing little ‘beep’ each time. My ipod software crashed, as did my ipod, so that it wouldn’t switch on or off, and just showed a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign all morning. My telephone headset wouldn’t work and it sounded like the person on the other end was sitting at the bottom of Lake Ontario, and the electric heater that I am using to heat the office during the day decided to turn the temperature right up for no reason in what seemed like a determined attempt to roast me in my own fleece pants. The 21st Century is a scary place to live.

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