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Iraq SoldiersUS SoldiersLately there seems to have been so much news surrounding death and killing. The loss of the Canadian soldiers on the day dedicated to Vimy Ridge two weeks ago, the reports about the mass shooting at Virginia Tech and then the personal experiences we have had closer to home.

I was browsing this website, called 3191. It is a photoblog by two women (Steph and Mav) who live 3191 miles apart. It shows their different lifestyles on a day to day basis. It’s worth a look for the gorgeous photos they take of their mornings. As I was checking out Steph’s website, I came across this link. It is a photo of an art installation in Portland, Oregan, where she lives, whoch gives you a visual reminder of the number of Iraqi soldiers and civilians killed in the US war on Iraq, as compared to the number (at that time) of US Soldiers who have lost their lives. Loss of life in any situation is dreadful, but this does put the war into some kind of perspective.

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