Summer Days

bike-tour.JPGMy blog posts are getting less and less frequent at the moment. It’s because I have too much to write about and I get daunted and don’t know where to start!

We’ve been sort of training for our 24 hour adventure race which is fast approaching, and doing a lot of biking. We’ve also been buying a lot of bike related stuff… beautiful Santa Cruz mountain bike met a little accident two weeks ago when it got backed into a tree and was bent beyond repair. I was inconsolable for a couple of days until Rob found me a new frame in the model up from my Super Light (I know have the Blur), and swapped all my gear across to it. It is a sweet bike and I love it already.

Then we bought two touring bikes and took them off on their maiden voyage last weekend, which was the first long weekend of the summer here in Canada. We drove to Geneva in New York State and cycled 300km over the next 3 days around the beautiful Finger Lakes. I think Rob is writing a report with a map and wot not for anyone who is interested. The pictures are in our on-line gallery here. We stopped on our first night in Ithaca, a funky college town, where Cornell University is located, but more importantly the original Moosewood Restaurant is there. I was able to fulfill a long held ambition of eating a real Moosewood-prepared vegetarian meal.

We also visited Ithaca Falls on our way out of town. It’s a fabulous place.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve got the bike touring bug and are planning maybe to do a longer trip somewhere more exotic in February next year.

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