The Oatmeal Dog and the Joys of Swearing

SwearingThis cartoon on Matthew Inman’s comic/blog page “The Oatmeal” has had me laughing to myself all week. I wish I could embed it in this blog.

I love it for two reasons.

The first is that he has exactly captured the behaviour of our youngest dog, Sprocket who is either in repose Sprocket1 or charging around like a thing possessed.

The second reason is because it introduced me to a new swear word. Even as I type “holy assbutts”, I am smiling.

Yes, I LOVE swear words. I can’t explain it. My Mum, or maybe a teacher, once told me that swearing showed a poor command of the English language and a lack of imagination. In other words, if you have to insert “f**k” or “s**t” in to your sentence it’s because you don’t know enough adjectives. That may well be true. But swearing is so much fun!!! I actually like learning new words, period, and then trying to fit them in to a sentence without sounding like a dork, and I don’t often swear in anger, more just because the words themselves make me laugh.

You’ll notice in a blog post below I start it with “holy shit balls”. That is also a fairly new one to my collection. I had wanted to insert a GIF that showed Tina Fey using it, but WordPress has a thing against GIFs and I couldn’t work out how to get around it.

Other recent favourites from a BuzzFeed article include “Fucktrumpet” and “Assbadger”. They make absolutely no sense, but that is part of their awesomeness.

Apparently the British are particularly good at swearing, so maybe that is where my fascination for the crude comes from. I tried to find swear words that Shakespeare used and came across this wonderful blog post by Marginalia, whose site I will be visiting again. She is obviously a scholar of literature (and a fan of profane language) and points out that while Shakespeare didn’t actually use directly foul language (there were all kind of Christian restrictions in those days about what you could and could not say on stage), he was really good at making rude references in a more subtle way. I won’t repeat the examples Marginalia provides, because you can read them for yourself in her post.

So there you have it.

Please do feel free to share your fave swear words with me, the more unusual, the better!

3 thoughts on “The Oatmeal Dog and the Joys of Swearing”

  1. Haha my favourite one is probably the most crude of all. Lol ‘F***’ it is just so versatile – it can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective, interjection well you get the picture lol you can create a while sentence with that word!! Lol

  2. Great blog Juliette. I just love a good swear, so much so I’ve been given lots of swear boxes over the years, but it’s never held me back or curbed my enthusiasm for a good swear. There are times no other word will replace f**k or b*gger quite as well. I have no usual swear favs, the classics are the best!

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