The Plight of a Fitness Instructor


OK, well, maybe calling myself a fitness instructor at this stage is a bit of a leap of abstraction, given the fact that I have the grand total of TWO whole spin classes under my cycling shorts. But I am getting there.

I am fortunate to have had two very friendly classes so far and people have clapped and come up to talk to me at the end. I haven’t had anything thrown at me, the stereo hasn’t exploded and my ipod hasn’t given up the will to live, so I am counting my lucky stars at this point, although I am sure my time will come.

But it would be nice to have a bit of interaction during the class. I have always wondered what it is with spin instructors, and, come to think of it, dental hygenists, who want to try to engage you in conversation whilst they are subjecting you to all kinds of pain…

Now I know…they really are looking for feedback!

It’s true. You’re instructing a class and you are up there on your little podium. You have your headset on, just like Madonna, only she never had to wear padded shorts. You look out into the sea of faces, all red, and sweating and grimacing, and you think to yourself:

“..are they actually enjoying themselves? Are they thinking ‘this sucks’ or ‘oh no, not Michael Jackson, the other instructor plays Led Zeplin when we’re climbing’, or ‘what on earth is that woman calling her accent, because it certainly isn’t Canadian’…”.

So you throw out a few comments and people just sort of look at you over the brims of their sweating noses. I know that I am not alone here, though, because I have shared this experience with other instructors and they say the same thing happens to them.

Perhaps spinning and communicating just aren’t synonymous.

So there it is…next time you are in some kind of fitness class, try to interact, at least once, in some way with the instructor – the very least you can do (even if you feel like your heart is about to explode) is nod.Perhaps I should take gloves with me into my next class, at least I’d get some kind of response…

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