The telly broke!

Just coming off a lovely weekend in Ellicottville. What amazing weather! Keep it coming.

Dave, Mari and Max came down to join us on Saturday morning, full of stories of their adventures at Rock of Ages the night before and giving us plenty of excuses to do Guns and Roses impressions.

We had a great ride up Eagle and around the ski hill. I even managed to stay on my bike for the entire ride. Even though I managed not to land in the middle of any raspberry bushes this time (thank you to Mari for rescuing me last week), single-speeding is still making me feel like I am learning how to ride a mountain bike all over again – I wonder if I am getting too old for this business?

Saturday night after dinner we had planned to watch the movieDogma, one of my favourites. When we turned the TV on, all it would display was a white line running horizontally across the screen. There was a collective sense of “well what do we do now?” and Rob, half joking, offered to do an emergency Walmart run (the only kind in our house, I hasten to add) to buy a new one.

Instead, being the sensible adults we are, we broke out Dave’s 30 year old bourbon and made up names for our new puppy – arriving on 11th September.

Passing quickly through Arthur, Brian, and Graham we got more imaginative as the night went on….Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, Vlad the Impaler, Adolph Hitler, Eeyore…but eventually decided on Roo. Which we even liked when we woke up the next morning.

Amazing what you can find to amuse yourself when the TV breaks, and we still managed to get in a ride on Sunday…

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