The Wonders of Spam

Yesterday I received an e-mail offering me drugs for which, given my gender, I will never have a use for. Usually I just delete them, but this one made me laugh. Firstly, it offered a bonus package of Viagra + Cialis at a discounted rate if you bought both. I didn’t know what Cialis was so I looked it up and it is essentially the same as Viagra. I started to wonder if people took them both at the same time in case one didn’t work?

Underneath the advert for the drugs and their price there was a paragraph of text. If this represents an example of the way your thoughts flow when your are under the influence of either Cialis or Viagra, I am truly thankful that I have periods:

I have recently experimented with the AutoCad – they’ll go nuts and they’ll lop off real peoples heads. No matter the monologue about the many possibilities of the potential come. Bull heads, three red snapper, one pink snapper substitute for the drugs I’ve never done though overloads do other little yet significant things that split trust in our North evolutionary principles created on a computer.

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