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Yup, I know, this is the second post that I have written today, but as usual, when I get verbose, I get verbose…

Last night Rob and I went to a wine tasting and art event at the Paletta Mansion on Lakeshore here in Burlington. Paletta Mansion (built in the early 1900’s) was the holiday home of the people that started the Dofasco steel factory (back then they made fasteners) and affords a beautiful view of Lake Ontario, whilst across the water you can just make out the Dofasco plant on the skyline. The event was held in what used to be the master bedroom. So I suppose the old chap used to get up in the morning and look out the window and genuinely know he was the master of all he surveyed. Jolly nice, I am sure..

Today the house and gardens are preserved for historic interest, for people to have their wedding dos at and for events such as the one we went to last night. We got the chance to look at the art work of one Christine Audit, who was very nice and seemed to be very popular, judging by the amount of work that was being bought there. It wasn’t my taste, but that said, I am not a big collage fan. I like my paintings to look like paintings, which I am sure is not a very cultured or sophisticated thing to admit.

The wine, on the other hand, was definitely to my taste (big surprise there). Rob and I tried 9 new white wines (new to us, they were all of a 2003/2004 vintage), 11 reds and a couple of dessert wines. After each tasting we scored them secretly, without letting the other know what we had given, out of 10. At the end we bought a mixed case of the ones we had both given a 9 to. This ended up being six bottles each of one white and one red. The white, which is only a $16 bottle at the LCBO was the New Zealand 2004 Stratum Sauvignon Blanc. The red was a bit more expensive, but if you have ever tried and liked Chateau Neuf du Pape, then this is the one for you. It was a 2003 Californian Robert Hall ‘Rhone de Robles’ blend. Yum, Yum.

Other notables, in my opinion (though not necessarily in Rob’s) was the (white) French ‘Roux Pere et Fils ‘ 2004 Meursault and the (Red) Californian Redhorse Ranch Merlot.

As you might expect there were some rather flamboyant characters there (anyone who knows me will know that that is exactly the type of evening I love) and so I got to eavesdrop on all kinds of interesting conversations including one that went something like this…‘I love that Syrah. You know why I like it? Because it doesn’t have that burnt out Syrah taste that Syrah has’??????? Everyone in the know nodded sagely.

We also had the wonderful experience of meeting a very knowledgeable gentleman who was involved with the Burlington Children’s theatre. He reminded me in everyway (including personailty, dress sense, body type, and, I’ll be honest, sexuality) of Carson from the show ‘Queer Eye for a Straight Guy’. Now, before you start sniggering, that, in my opinion, is a huge compliment since I think Carson has a phenomenal sense of personal style and is extremely clever and funny.

A good night was had by all and we woke up this morning feeling fresh as daisies.

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