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ZorbingLast week I heard about a ‘sport’ called Zorbing. It was conceived in New Zealand, but, according to their website , is taking off all over the world. Basically, you strap yourself into a large, clear, inflatable sphere and roll down a hill.

I was in a room full of suits at a conference when I heard about it. At the time, like everyone else in the room, I harumphed in an adult way and joined in with the “Oh, God, how STUPID“s. But now I am not in that environment, and I have had a chance to think about it….well, wouldn’t you like to know what a hamster in a ball feels like?

The people at Zorb call particpants in this unusual endeavour ‘Zorbonauts’. Apparently there are three different ways to experience the Zorb. Here, I quote from the website :

Zorbing2Harness Zorbing
The Zorbonaut is strapped into a harness and rolls down the hill. This gives you maximum G force as you tumble head over heels. There is a sensation of weightlessness at the top of the Zorb, and the view of green grass followed by blue sky followed by green grass followed by blue etc etc.

The Zorbonaut is not harnessed in the Zorb but free with a bucket of water. You and up to two others slide on the bottom of the Zorb. In winter we use hot water, giving you a sauna on wheels. Its like taking a spa traveling at 50km along the highway. Its incredibly refreshing and a great way to travel to work.

Developed just for children who are too young or small to go into the big Zorbs. Nice and safe, you can run around on the flat ground and with an opening at either end, get in and out easily.

All sounds perfectly sensible.

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