Timing is Everything

Once again I am in countdown mode for going back to Gabon. This trip has been so good. I am not sure whether I am just a bit of an over-achiever or organized to the point of being anally retentive, but I always have certain loosely planned-out goals going into my time at home. This time it was:

  • Renovate the second of the spare bedroom’s in the attic of our house
  • Ride a century (I was a bit noncommittal with myself about whether this should be a metric or an imperial century)
  • Start going to yoga classes

I have done all of those things. The upstairs room still hasn’t been completed, I am waiting for Rob to finish the floor (I am the walls and trim worker in our house, Rob does floors). The blue air has cleared up there now after the foul language that I used during the wallpapering stage. It was not my forte. Thank you to Paula for helping me out, I could not have done it without her.

Once the floor is laid I am going to put my yoga stuff up there (which is essentially my mat) and use that as a quiet space for practising. I think this is a direction that I haven’t written about a lot in these posts, but I am very interested in Yoga. I have been practising, in one form or another, almost every day since around February. During this trip home, I have started going once or twice a week to 90 minute classes in Iyengar yoga with Nesta at the Burlington Yoga Centre.

I am not going to go into all the benefits that I think it brings me, they are personal and my individual experience would be very different to someone else’s, but I have certainly become more flexible and my attention span (aka boredom threshold) seems to be increasing to something beyond that of someone suffering from borderline ADD.

The interesting thing about this is that I tried ‘getting in to’ Yoga about three years ago and HATED it. Rob wanted to try it as he has flexibility issues and I went along for the ride. I found it uncomfortable, far from relaxing and ultimately boring. My favorite bit was snoozing during Shavasana (the bit where you lie down and relax at the end).

I am not sure what has changed, but it goes to show that things do change. From this, it seems to me, there are all kinds of lessons to be drawn. Like, not writing something off (like an activity) just because it isn’t right at this current time, or not getting despondant with a particular period in your life, or relationship, because life has a subtle way of shifting so that the odds become differently stacked and your perspectives or those of the people around you, change. Now, it is possible that I am just developmentally retarded and this is a universal truth that the rest of the world has known since birth, but at least I know it now.

This change in me has coincided with a major life change in one of my close friends. I am sure they would not thank me for going into details here, so I won’t, but it is an honour to witness and be part of the personal growth of a friend.
Well, before I get so philosophical that I start disappearing up my own backside, I’ll sign out.

Tomorrow is imperial century day, although we are having friends round for a BBQ tonight (yes, I know it is calling for rain..) so it could be another rather long day….

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  1. Hi, is it a woman thing to start ripping stuff apart such as the wall paper upstairs so our husbands will get to the work we have always wanted them to do? I have ripped up patio stones, fences, grass just to get projects on the go. What a motivational tactic we have! Way to go Juliette!

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