This morning I took a couple of hours out of a really hectic week to read some new blogs. Blogs and podcasts have become a regular feature of my life since I started working in Rabi and Rob bought me my ipod. There is a huge community of bloggers and podcasters on the internet, and there are blogs for every subject under the sun.

I wanted to add a link in my blog to one of my favourite recent finds. The blog is called ‘Creating Passionate Users’. If you click on the link you will be directed to an article that discusses the advantages to being a ‘happy’ person compared to an ‘angry’ one. This subject is particularly close to my heart since I have deliberately been trying to mold my own personal style over the last few years. I don’t believe shouting and getting angry gets results, or if it does, something else suffers in the long run (like your own blood pressure, for example). I am always most impressed by people who remain calm but effective in crisis situations (I have learnt alot from my husband, amongst others, in this respect).

Here in Rabi my back2back (the lady with whom I job share) has a very aggressive approach to dealing with issues. (Her style is deliberately cultivated. In fact her nickname here is the ‘BFH’ standing for ‘Bitch From Hell’). If I had a dollar for every time, after explaining some problem that needs to be dealt with, one of my colleagues has said to me, ‘your back2back would have gone ballisitic about that’, I could have stopped working by now…

When I started this job I was very concerned that I would not be respected if I wasn’t agressive in the same way. But it seems that, although it has taken a little bit of time, things get done, and life has not gone to shit because my approach is different. I have had to be firm on a couple of occasions, but found that when I did, it was taken seriously and it got results quickly.

Read the article, I think it’s really insightful and it is just one of many awesome pieces on that particular blog.

 I hope to be able to share more of my findings on here in the future, but I would like to create some sidebars so they are not buried in the body of the text I write. For this I need the help of my husband who is currently off mountain biking in Collingwood. So watch this space…


2 thoughts on “Weblog”

  1. Can’t wait until the “BFH� reads that.

    She is going to kick your head in

    Still it is all true.

    Mr Blobby

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