What is Facebook for?

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Face Book that told me one of my friends had added me to her Facebook network. So I went to the website and added my information to Facebook so that I could become part of her network. Then, all of a sudden, all these other people I knew started getting in touch, via Facebook.

For a little while there, it made me feel quite popular (an unusual feeling for me), but then once the initial excitement of looking at the list of people to whose networks I belonged, subsided, I thought, “well, now what?”.

I mean, really, I am asking, honestly…WHAT IS IT FOR??? All the people who I am networked with on Facebook, I know already. I have their e-mail addresses, their telephone numbers, and, if I don’t I know someone who has. Therefore I know how to get in touch with them if I need, or want, to. Why would I log into a website so I could send an e-mail to someone who I already have the contact information for?

Anyone else who I don’t know who asks to add me to their network, being honest, I will automatically assume that they are up to no good (“want to be my friend?”, yeah, right, like I want another whole in my head..).

Facebook began as a social networking site for college students. Named after the paper ‘face books’ that used to be given to incoming students, faculty and staff at colleges and preparatory schools to allow them to become familiar with their new community. I can see why it has become a huge hit in that market, but for adults who have left school and who typically network in much more well defined groups (i.e. business, volunteer, sport or family networks) I don’t get it. Yet I know I am one of the few, since, apparently, it has more members than Flickr and is one of the top ten most visited websites in the US.

Can anyone shed any light. Confused of Burlington.

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