Can you tell it’s getting close to the weekend? It’s Friday and I’ve written two posts in the last two days.

This post comes with a warning. It is a rant, and so if you don’t want to hear it then don’t read on. There’ll be more non-rantlike posts to follow, I am sure.

First though, let me say a big ‘Thank you’ to Williams Coffee Pubs. They seem to be the only gig in town at the moment that have caught on to the fact that wireless internet access should be a benefit that food outlets offer to their customers gratis,.So I am sat with my cup of Williams coffee in a sunny spot writing this and preparing to meet someone in a few minutes time to talk about the next campaign Qube is launching.

So on to the business of this rant. In January, Rob and I had some carpet fitted to our stairs.

Rob and I both went in to the store together to decide what type of carpet we wanted to buy, but after that Rob really had no other involvement>

So, I stayed in the house all day waiting for the guy to come and measure up, I called the shop when he didn’t turn up after five hours to find out where the bleep he was, I paid the deposit, in person, in cash, as requested, I waited around for the fitter to finish, ‘a four hour job’, until 9pm that night (12 hours later) and, finally, I completed the payment with the fitter when he eventually left.

Yesterday, a card with the logo of the carpet company was delivered to our house. Inside the card it said ‘Rob, please find enclosed a token of our appreciation for your last order’.

Guess who isn’t going to get our next bloody order? Here endeth the rant.

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