Xmas with the Dempsey’s

Both Rob and I have happily landed in the bosom of the Dempsey family in beautiful Caldy, West Kirby. On Wednesday, when we landed, it felt as though neither of us were ever going to get here. Rob’s flight from Heathrow to Manchester was just about the only one that left from London because of heavy fog, although it was delayed for over 12 hours.

My flight from Paris to Manchester arrived but we couldn’t get off because of some mechnical glitch with the tunnel that connects the plane to the terminal. When we finally rendez-vous’d, We both felt as though we’d been dwelling in the twilight zone for longer than is advisable for mere mortals. Rob got a taste of what my usual commute to Gabon is like, although his delay was actually shorter than my usual stop over in Paris and he wasn’t facing a 7 hour flight directly afterwards. Oh man, am I glad I don’t have to do that again anytime soon.

It’s lovely to be here. The location of Mum and Dad’s new house is fantastic. It’s 15 minutes walk from West Kirby, which is a small historic but bustling town, and only 3 minutes walk from the beach and a running/cycling trail that takes you for miles along the coast.

Much to Rob’s absolute disgust, I am catching up on all the UK TV that I’ve missed out on over the last 4 years. It’s difficult explaining to a non-British person why Strictly Come Dancing presented by the 78 year old Bruce Forsythe, is cool. I haven’t succeeded yet.

We had dinner at a tapas restaurant called Kuki’s to celebrate my birthday on Saturday night and wobbled home feeling as though we had eaten enough to last us until the middle of next January. I am definitely going to be a few pounds heavier on the plane on the way home. Today is Xmas Day and Mum, as usual, has pulled out all the culinary stops so today will be another eating extravanganza followed by much complaining and rolling around like beached whales this afternoon. Oh well, we don’t do it very often and we have to cram a number of years of home baking into only ten days.

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  1. Glad to hear you both got to England OK after all the hassles. Our very best wishes to your Mum and Dad and family for the New Year. Sounds like a fantastic location they’re in – I’m sure you’ll check out the trails. We had a great Christmas day at Doris & Bob’s. Michael and his girlfriend cooked the meal and it was wonderful! Lori & Mark came and all the kids had a ball playing – even Taylor. It was nice to all be together again. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas – dinner and all. It will be great to have you both together in Canada and we wish you health and happiness for the New Year.

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