You Know You’ve Thrown a Good Party when…

  • socksYou look around at a certain point in the evening and everyone is holding a blue martini
  • The chandelier in the dining room has socks hanging all over it
  • Your husband gets locked in the toilet and figures the most sensible way to get out is to take the door handle off
  • 80% of the people who arrived before 10pm are still there at 2am, and they’re still dancing
  • There is a sock in the mango salsa
  • There is a 35 year old, father of two, break dancing in the living room
  • Your husband runs out onto the front lawn, completely naked, at 5 in the morning to make angel patterns in the snow
  • Your friends’ nineteen year old doesn’t want to leave after he arrives to drive his parents home at 3am
  • You get up the next day, there are people lying all over the floor, no one can find their socks and you’re still chuckling to yourself about last night as you are filling the dishwasher for the second time and pulling chocolate raisins off the couch…

One thought on “You Know You’ve Thrown a Good Party when…”

  1. You know it was a good party when…

    * Someone breaks their foot, but won’t go to the hospital or sit down with a bag of frozen peas icing it because the music is so much fun they want to keep dancing!

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